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Customer Feedback

What do our delegates say? In case you have never been on a course with us we feel we should allow our previous delegates to persuade you of their value. Here are just a selection from the letters that we received after our conferences:

Alpe d'Huez

February 2020

Thanks to both yourself and Ian for a wonderfully organised trip. Meeting up with old friends and making new ones on the trip once again made it well worthwhile.

Thank you very much Shirley...this was your best overall CME we have had so far.

Thank you for another excellent and well organised trip.

RSM Urology Corvara

January 2020

What can I say - The whole week was wonderful, and that’s largely due to all the hard work you put in to ensure that everything would run as smoothly as it did. I was truly sorry that it had to end. Thanks so much again to you and Mike.
Mike Dinneen - President RSM Urology Division 2019-20

Anne and Mike, Great trip. Lovely hotel. Nice meal out and great company.
PM, Berkshire

Thank you for organising such a great meeting and skiing. Look forward to the next RSM ski.
JS and VM, Herts

Thank you so much for organising such a lovely and thoroughly enjoyable, and successful, meeting. Fantastic everything - company, hotel, food, skiing and weather. Arranging that wonderful weather was above and beyond - exceptional achievement!!
HK, Worcester

Dear Anne and Mike – thank you both for the wonderful organisation. Please count me in for Andermatt.
LT-S, London

Dear Anne and Michael, well done indeed. Another well organised week and you did well to keep the clouds away (except at Innsbruck!). The skiing was good and the hotel really looked after us well
PW, Herts

And the extra service - Thank you so much for giving us a lift to Watford. It made such a difference to our return journey and it was so much quicker and easier than crossing London. We got back in good time, just tired rather than exhausted! It was a great week and we both had a fantastic time, but it does need a lot of stamina to survive it. Many thanks to you for the brilliant organisation which we could not fault. We are certainly planning for Andermatt.
M&K W, Birmingham


November 2019

Thank you for all your hard work in arranging such a lovely trip to India. So well organised and everything progressed very smoothly. The lectures were very insightful and provoked good discussion. The settings were relaxing which makes it easier to learn and one often learns more from the questions and informal chats over meals. You managed to pack in a lot of interesting site seeing to places of historic interest which I thoroughly enjoyed. The guides were excellent. I certainly look forward to joining more trips with you both.

The ‘Incredible India’ trip was truly incredible in every way. The incredible arrangements, air travel, sights, sounds, food, education and company!!! Thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it. Truly appreciated. Look forward to future trips.

A huge thank you to Shirley & Ian for another brilliant holiday/conference, especially in the face of (Cox & Kings) adversity. And thank you all for your great company over the last two weeks.

We have to resort to this electronic robot to convey our heartfelt thanks for a wonderful trip, which marked a Big-O event, and to which it was a handsome bonus. Apart from the complexities of the Indian visa system where you lent more than able support, we were dismayed by the unfortunate events relating to Cox and King, which must have caused you much anxiety, if not sleepless nights; and we remain grateful for your efforts and sacrifices to keep matters under control. The trip, as they all do, opened new vistas. The company was as congenial as it ever is, and the outstanding quality of the guides opened up profound insights into an enormous variety of things which can be pursued for months and years afterwards; and especially for an insight into the Indian mindset : it also included a recipe for Lime Pickle!

Thank you to you and Ian for such a wonderful India extravaganza. It was a real privilege to be there and I am sure I won't be the only person to say that I am having some withdrawal symptoms from the fun and camaraderie of the trip. You and Ian are one special couple. As well as all the behind-the-scenes organisation, your happy and optimistic presences go a long way to making the conferences work so well. Thanks again.

Thank you so very much for the wonderful trip to India. 10 exciting days filled with fascinating things. Really good guides, lovely hotels, super food and very good company and not one mention of Brexit! I enjoyed myself tremendously and made some friends, albeit in Iceland! Thank you.

Thank you for such a wonderful and enlightening trip. We had an amazing time and really enjoyed spending time with everyone.

Seoul & Japan

May 2019

Thanks so much for organising this amazing trip to S. Korea and Japan, I thoroughly enjoyed myself; the hotels, itinerary and tour guides were first class. The lectures were very engaging and informative. The food was phenomenal! I really hope to return to Japan one day, I liked the culture and people and it’s given me a desire to explore more of Asia.
Colin R

A big thank you for asking me to join you in Japan. It was great to see you and to spend time with you. The trip was brilliant. You both do a stunning job. Katherine and I enjoyed the travels immensely. I thought the academic programme was also great. Thanks again and I hope to see you soon.
Mike K (Speaker)

Thank you very much to you and Anne for organising the conference in Japan. It was an amazing experience and it was great to meet everyone, many of which are keen conference plus attendees which goes to show how much your conferences are appreciated.
Rachael R (Speaker)

Dear Anne and Mike, I just wanted to say a very big thank you to you both for all the hard work you put in to making our stay in Japan so memorable. We had such a great time, have many happy memories (we'll never forget the toilets!!) made new friends and caught up with old ones. When Hamish asked if I would like to go to Japan I said "Only if we go with Conference Plus". You didn't let us down.
Mhairi & Hamish M

Mike & Anne we can’t thank you enough for the fantastic trip to Japan, we both enjoyed it was very well organised trip, you both must have worked very hard for it. We made some lovely new friends as well. Hoping to join you next year. Once again thanks for looking after us so well.
Nirmala and Satish N

Congratulations Anne, Thank you for another brilliantly organised conference.
Peter A

I need hardly say that Robert and I had a wonderful time under your tender care. It confirmed our thoughts from 33 years ago that Japan is a truly wonderful country and the Japanese are quite unique. Robert is already planning another trip - although I'd really like to do the Silk Trail. Anyway, thank you both for creating so many memories and if you find yourself in Brighton do get in touch.
Sue & Robert H

Just a quick note to thank you both for a great time in Korea and Japan. As usual a well organised trip, and plenty of good company. Also wonderful news about Lily's arrival.
John and Elsie P

What a terrific trip this was. As ever you and Mike sort everything down to the last detail. I don’t know how you manage to herd 60+ independently minded people round very large cities! And keep them happy. I think it may be because you both work so hard at it. And you keep such a terrific sense of humour. Love from us both.
Clodagh & Domhnall M

You and Mike deserve all the thanks! On more than one occasion we commented on how much work had gone into the trip! Looking forwards to seeing the pics.
Margaret & Bill M

BA flight landed early so we are now back - in a jam on the M25 with rude, impatient people everywhere! A huge thank you to Mike & Anne for all their hard work making the last 3 weeks such an amazing experience.
Marion M

Thank you all the Japan Journey members for an amazing trip. Of course thanks foremost to Anne & Mike for the incrediable organization and hard work behind the scenes making everything run so smoothly, but thanks to everyone on the trip for the wonderful friendships and fun, memorable times. Hope to see many of you again in India later this year.
Carol C

Thanks for these wonderful days in Japan. Cu in in Uzbekistan.
Gudmundur & Edda

Many thanks for an excellent trip “Japan train journeys” - Did a lot of walking - Now need rest to get ready for The Silk Road trip.
Gurdev S

Dowling Club Dermatology Meeting, Nepal

April 2019

We are now safely back home after our wonderful visit to Nepal and Bhutan. What a fascinating time we have had! And we would both like to thank you very much for all the arrangements you made for us, some at the last minute! Bhutan was a huge success and we had great guides and drivers, some of whom have become Whatsapp friends now! We loved our time in that country very much. Everything went exactly according to plan and we were even met off our Air India flight from Kathmandu to Delhi even though it was an hour late! The Delhi tour was very good too and we had a most informative guide. So thank you Anne so much for a most enjoyable trip from beginning to end. Well done!
Jimmy and Diana, Scotland

We have had a wonderful time. Many thanks for all your organisational skills and coping with so many balls in the air at one time! We have had a lovely trekking week and have been extremely well looked after by our Nepalese guides and Sherpas.
Karen and Lindsay

Thank you for rearranging the flights and the night in Delhi. All the arrangements have gone very smoothly and 13 of us had a great escorted tour of Delhi this morning. The highlight was definitely the rickshaw ridethrough the Old Town!! Equally the Nepal trek extension was wonderful and we would thoroughly recommend it. Many thanks for all your hard work and making the Nepal trip such a success.
Gillian and Peter

Thank you (and Mike) for organising such an excellent trip. We are full of gratitude and thanks for the individual attention and expertise and full of admiration for the way you handled the Jet Airways debacle. Looking forward to seeing you in the Dolomites. Thanks again for everything.
Chris and Anna

Many thanks and congratulations for organising such a complex and excellent Dowling Club visit. It went so well largely due to your and Julia's hard work, preparation and organisation - AND FLEXIBILITY! Crisis management! You worked so hard and it must have been a nightmare. Bhutan was great and the night in Delhi justified having got that Visa! and the tour of Delhi that morning was very good and the guide excellent. The hotel allowed us to stay in our rooms til 6 p. Many many thanks.
Julia Ellis

I'd like to thank you once again for arranging my flight and accommodation to secure my return with the Bhutan group and it was nice to unite with the Annapurna trekkers in Delhi. Altogether it was a wonderful trip and all of us enjoyed it!

I am writing to say a huge "thank you" for arranging such a fantastic trip. I was particularly impressed that you were prepared to take on the biggest Dowling Club party ever on your first foray with us, and that you organised so many variations on the theme so successfully. Throughout it all, including of course, various airline hiccoughs and with Jet Airways falling to bits in the, Michael and your agents remained supremely calm and sorted everything out so effectively that most of us experienced barely noticed a ripple.
Robin G-B

And finally, the beautiful email tinged with sadness...

Dear Anne, Mike, Ian & Shirley, I am just back from trekking in Nepal and want to thank you all for another great trip. I first joined Conference Plus at Eilat in Feb 96 and have returned for 26 further conferences, so I must like it! I am grateful that I happened to sit beside Ian at a Pharma funded dinner at Sopwell House, St Albans, probably in 1995 and we discussed medical education. I was complaining that there must be a better way for busy GPs to keep up to date and he told me there was - Conference Plus! Over the years the conferences have been stimulating & truly educational. Stand out memories include walking on the Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina, day trip to Luxor, Tikal in Guatemala, Anna's party in Reykjavik, Robert Winston on infertility, sunrise at the Ganges,Varanasi & many many more. I have always felt safe & supported by an efficient & intelligent team who took me to some challenging places so that we truly travelled. Now that I have fully retired I shall not be joining you for further adventures but I want you all to know that you have enhanced my life & work.
Angela G., Herts

RSM Urology, Madonna di Campiglio

January 2019

Fantastic meeting in Madonna. Fantastic organisation and support from Conference Plus as ever. Thank you Anne and Mike for all of your efforts.
JN, London

Many thanks for a great meeting – brilliantly organised!
L T-S, London

It was great to catch up. Congratulations on a wonderfully slick and well organised (as always) event. I hope it all wasn't too stressful for you and that everything goes as smoothly next year, it would be great if we had similar weather. We are really looking forward to Corvara.
Mr M D, London

Thank you for a wonderful meeting in Madonna.
PC, Yorkshire

It was lovely to meet you in Madonna and many thanks for looking after us so well. Mona and I had a great time with the group and I enjoyed the skiing.
TL, Ireland

It was great meeting you and Michael and thanks for all your help in the lead up and during the meeting. We hope to see you at a future RSM Urology meeting. Needless to say if you ever venture to Australia please let us know.
MF, Melbourne

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for making the last week such a fantastic success. We were all lucky to have snow, sun and great hotel facilities which laid the foundation for a fantastic academic meeting. The week would not have happened without the huge amount of preparatory work put in by Nadine, Anji, you (Sic) and Mike, and of course not forgetting Verity back at the RSM.
JN Oxford, RSM Urology President


January 2019

Wanted to thank you as always for a superb week, great hotel wonderfully organised and as usual your natural charm added to everyone's enjoyment. It was also great to have the pleasure of your company in the ski group.
Dr LA, London

Thank you Shirley for a wonderful week away skiing and all the fantastic talks and the lovely venue. I will be recommending you to my colleagues at work.
Dr MK, Hertfordshire

Thank you for an excellent trip. Great skiing, excellent hotel (our room was really very good) and excellent company as well as intellectual stimulation. I will recommend Conference Plus to all of my GP friends.
Dr RK, Milton Keynes

Thank you for another fabulous skiing conference. It was, as always, so well organised, and a great opportunity to meet up with friends both old and new. It was lovely to meet your son, Adam. Hopefully we’ll see more of the younger generation of junior doctors on future trips. I am planning to join you in India in November later on this year.
Dr CC, Cornwall

Once again may I thank yourself and Ian for your efficient organisation of such an enjoyable skiing trip. I thought you choose a very comfortable hotel. I shall certainly come again next year.
Dr DM, Kent

I enjoyed skiing with you and Ian. We had a wonderful week, as we always do when travelling with you!
Dr AC, Kent

It was a brilliant week. We are very keen to come to Alpe d'Huez, it's a resort we have never been to and it looks amazing.
Dr AL, Hertfordshire

Thank you once more for such a lovely trip, great organisation, brilliant lectures and skiing. I enjoyed it a lot.
Dr VL, Cornwall


October 2018
(With a new Conference Plus addition!!)

Congratulations! Baby Dora is beautiful and perfect! It was so good you could go back home to be with your growing family. The conference and trips and everything in Sorrento was great, couldn't have been better! Best wishes and thanks to Michael and Sue and also to you and the rest of the family!
SLS, Reykavik

Thank you for such a lovely Conference, well suited to non-delegates! It is sad that you missed it Anne as Sorrento was truly lovely and the hotel one of the best we have ever stayed in anywhere in the world. We are missing Luigi already!
J&JW, Northampton

Dear Anne and Mike, Thank you for your hard work organising such a lovely trip. The talks were very interesting and stimulating with new developments esp. in haematology which is not often covered. All 3 speakers gave excellent talks and there was a lot to absorb. The hotel was excellent and allowed one to relax and the trips were very enjoyable, the scenery spectacular. Thanks also to Sue who organised
us so well and I am glad all went well for baby Dora.
RF, London

We just wanted to say thank you for organising such a great trip for Linda and myself last week in Sorrento. The hotel was amazing. I've just written a glowing review on TripAdvisor.
DRJB, Middx

♥♥ on the baby. We had a wonderful time in Sorrento.
GA, Reykjavik


May 2018

Wow! Wow! Wow! This has to have been the Conference Plus of Wows! Or the Conference Plus of the Goldilocks Zone, everything was just right. It was both. From Rio de Janerio to Iguazu Falls to the Pantanal. All had so many Wow moments of awe and wonder. This trip was a real feast and treat for the five senses.

In Rio, the colours and textures of carnival, the views from the top of Sugar Loaf and Corcovado, the scent of coffee at Confeitaria Colombo, the sounds of Samba and Bossa nova, the tastes of the cocktails and food at the Copacabana Palace and the feel of the warmth of the sun and the cool sea breeze as we gently sailed the waves to view Rio from the sea. To top it all to learn the real life/true story of "The Girl from Ipanema"...Magic.

At Iguazu and the Pantanal, all looked and felt crystal clear and crisp. On mentioning this to a delegate, he expressed this succinctly by saying all appears in Sharp Focus. When our wonderful guide in Rio told us she hoped we would feel the "Energy" from the Iguazu falls as this is "really something special," I now know what she meant. It was not just the visual impact, it was the sounds and the pure air that also revitalised and gave that much needed extra dose of oxygen. Surrounded by brightly patterned butterflies, birds gliding and soaring above the falls, both intense and muted rainbows stretching far across the falls, fed us with another feast, all to be washed down with the welcome cooling spray of the falls as we had access to get as close as possible to the thundering torrents of water.

The Pantanal continued our nurturing with nature. To taste and eat for the first time ever delicately prepared Cashew 'Fruit'...Exquisite. Hearing the melodic, drowsy, soporific hum of bees when riding ponies as they ambled across a savannah carpeted with tiny lilac heather like flowers alternated with the gentle splash of the ponies hooves through the wetlands...Soothing. To gently rock in a hammock in warm sunlight, surrounded by lush greenery with exotic birdsong as background music...Bliss. To hear and see the birds take flight and to see the trees and landscape silhouetted as the backdrop for a dramatic sunset. All from the seat on a boat on a river and lake while sipping champagne. Then for the night to still, to see the ink blue sky pricked with stars and the moon reflected in the slow waters as the boat glides past the now sleepy life of the Pantanal...This has to be one of the finest Opera seats in the world.

So not only was this Conference Plus trip to Brazil a feast and treat for the five senses, it was food for the soul and nourishment for the spirit.

On the way back we had a short stop over at Frankfurt airport where there is a statue of Goethe together with a quote from him: "Die beste Bildung finder win gescheiter Mensch auf Reisen". Translated: "A wise person finds the best education in travelling". Goes to show, Conference Plus educates in more ways than one, and how clever of you to put the two together, the Conferences with travelling. Even as a non delegate I felt truly educated and I certainly gained the benefit of the 'Three R's'. I feel Rested, Resuscitated, Revitalised and (oops, should be Four R's), Ready for our next Conference Plus trip with you to Cuba.

Thank you and Ian very much we did have a wonderful time, all the organisations of hotels, trips , dinners were spot on and we look forward to next year. For the last 3 nights I have been dreaming of Brazil and still chasing birds!!
Dr & Mrs S, Sutton Coldfield

I want to say how much I enjoyed the trip and your organisation was wonderful-such complex travel arrangements with 10 flights.AND our suitcases landed in Heathrow with us!! Piranha fishing and champagne on Lake Mariana in the Pantanal whilst watching the sunset will live with me forever.
Dr K, Warwickshire

Now that we have just about settled back into our routine we just wanted to officially say a big thank you for everything. As usual your organisational skills were fantastic, we had a wonderful time...and we enjoyed being part of this very friendly group. Everything seemed to go really well, it was all so interesting and so much fun too, and we certainly couldn't have done a trip like that any other way, without you, we feel very privileged to be a part of the Conference Plus team.
Dr & Mrs A, Leeds

Thank you so much for organising such an amazing trip! We both enjoyed Brazil tremendously, all down to your excellent choice of places to visit, hotels, activities, etc. All your effort with the planning and organisation that has gone into packing in every single minute of the day including slotting in the lectures on the go! You both deserve a GOLD MEDAL….of course, you already have it!! Thank you both again!.
Drs P, Hertfordshire

Once again a huge thank you to you and Ian for another great trip, impeccably organised as usual. We have brought back many photographs and good memories, as well as some useful knowledge from the lectures. Looking forward to our next Conference Plus trip.
Dr M, Edinburgh


October 2017

Back in Blighty safe and sound. Wow what a fantastic 2 weeks and so brilliantly organised. I will find it so hard to go back to work. This was the only trip I’ve been on where there have been no highlights, because the whole trip was a highlight from beginning to end.
WW, London

Thank you Anne + Mike for yet another wonderful Conference Plus. My repeat journey to Vietnam + Burma has added to my previous wonderful experience. Your great effort and organisation is much appreciated , as well as the personal touch.
SR, Hertfordshire

Thanks to the 2 of you for making the trip so easy to enjoy. If I had to choose a highlight, the privilege of giving 44 - year - old Shu Ley War a wash in the river would be it.
TC, Kent

John & I want to thank you both for organising such a great trip - we saw such a lot of an extraordinary country.
AG, Herts

We enjoyed ourselves immensely. We were seriously impressed by how smoothly the whole thing went and know full well that this doesn't happen by accident. We both found participation in the academic program informative and stimulating and we are pleased to hear that you have had good feedback. We felt very welcomed by the group and have swapped contact details with a number and plan to meet up again. We are very much looking forward to working with you in 2019/20. With many thanks again & very best wishes.
MD & AB, London

Just a note to thank you for another fabulous holiday. We once more enjoyed a wonderful country, good food, excellent company and David is now better informed. I know how to bath an elephant and we are both relaxed. We appreciate all the effort and planning that makes these holidays seem so easy.
B & D, Surrey

A huge thank you to Anne & Mike for putting together and delivering such a brilliant experience...and to all of the delegates for adding to the fun.
PA, Herts

Superb thru and thru!
KD, Scotland


September 2017

I had such a good time-your organisation was perfect and the speakers really lively and interesting, as always. Consults taking even longer than usual as patients keep telling me all about thir trips to Trieste, Venice and dear Ljubljana. THANK YOU.
Dr VM, London

I want to thank both you and Ian very much for an excellent conference. I really enjoyed the lectures and learned some valuable points to take to the consultation. I also want to thank you for the pre conference to Venice which I really loved and the tours in Trieste - very interesting. I particularly enjoyed the concerts. Your organisation was impeccable and I thoroughly enjoyed your company and being part of Conference Plus. I look forward to joining you for another conference next year.
Dr NR, Hertfordshire

Stunning time as always, home to usual busy times, see you soon and thank you as always for total care and stupendous organisation.
FP, Oxfordshire

First of all I wish to thank you for a most wonderful time at the Conference in Venice and Trieste. It was superbly organised, lovely company and excellent hotels. I enjoyed the tours and evening outings very much. Kausar is joining me in thanking you both very much for organising such a wonderful conference and also appreciated the lectures.
Dr & Mrs KJ, Staffordshire


May 2017

Thank you for an amazing trip, with special thanks to Ian & Shirley who worked so hard to organise it all and lovely to meet so many new friends. Hoping to see you all again soon on another Conference Plus trip.

Amazing trip, wonderful pictures & shared memories. Lovely, friendly people who all made the trip special and of course it wouldn’t have happened without Ian & Shirley...So big THANK YOU!
Dr & Mrs RA

Just would like to say thank you to Shirley & Ian for all their hard work and planning to make such a conference possible. I have come away with the feeling that learning is lifelong both medical and non medical. Thank you also to Nitu and Rajiv, Rita and Clifford for their enthusiasm for their subjects, it was a pleasure to listen and question. The party was great and the music good. Hope to see you all next year.

A fantastic 2 weeks and we enjoyed meeting so many new friends. Thanks Shirley and Ian for organising such a great conference.
Dr & Mrs JK

Thank you all for an amazing time in Borneo. We are so happy that we made this trip.
Dr & Mrs BT

It has been an honour and pleasure for both of us to teach and be part of the very memorable Conference plus 25th anniversary celebrations. Clifford and I had an amazing time, met some wonderful people on the trip and have memories that will indeed remain with us for the rest of our lives. Congratulations again for such a successful trip and for the vision and drive in delivering these sessions over the past 25 years. You should all be very proud of your success.

Beautiful photos!!! Thoroughly enjoyed the conference! You both have worked extremely hard to bring this lovely Borneo for us to enjoy! Honestly we wouldn't have done it on our own!
Dr & Mrs AD

Many thanks for an adventure filled holidays. We both think this was one of the best trip we have been to. Everyone was friendly.

We enjoyed the trip very much and the gala dinner was superb.

Thank you both for organizing such an amazing trip. You manage to look so relaxed as well! Thank you again for a perfect holiday. Looking forward to seeing your photos and Brazil!

Tahoe RSM Urology

January 2017

Thanks for an amazing trip. Really well planned and executed.
Tarik, Glasgow

Thanks so very much to you and Michael for all of your efforts to keep everything on track - especially in view of the challenges this year. Organising urologists was always like herding cats. It really was fantastically organised and I am so grateful to you both.
Prof L. T-S, London

I would like to express my sincere thanks for the wonderful winter meeting in Northstar last week. I was somewhat nervous going, not being a urologist (yet), nor a “skier”. However, I needn’t have worried with such a wonderful group. From the beginning I was welcomed with open arms by trainees and consultants and their families alike. I would like to congratulate you on a fabulous meeting - I thought one particular strength was the length of the talks. Short talks followed by discussion was stimulating and interactive, encouraging the trainees to participate. I definitely gained from the experience, learned a lot and gained food for thought with ideas for the future and for my career. The quality of speakers was also very, very high! The skiing and social aspect was very inclusive, rapidly allaying my fears of feeling isolated as the only medical student. It just leaves me to reiterate my thanks to you all for a great programme and your generosity and hard work in fundraising so much to help financially with the meeting.
Catherine L, London

I really enjoyed the trip so thank you for all of your hard work in getting it arranged so well.
JV, London

Thanks very much for all of your organisation of the meeting. The meeting was an amazing experience and a great success despite the long journey there and lack of luggage on the way home. Kate and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Ian & Kate D, Kent

Thank you so much for an amazing trip that I will never ever forget!!! Was a once in a lifetime experience!! And I thank you and Mike for it going so smoothly.
Faye K, Essex

The whole week was absolutely fab and we had so much good luck with the weather, the snow, the sunset at Gar Woods, linedancers Code (?)/Britney, etc. We had loads of nice comments from people while we were out there – a lot of them saying it was the best RSM Winter Meeting they’d ever been to.
Prof & Mrs K Wimbledon (President of the RSM Urology Division 2017)

Dear Anne & Mike, thank you so much for organising the Tahoe trip. It was really good fun as well as a great meeting. You do a fantastic job, so pleased you are on board for the next few. Thanks also for our Saalbach trip.
Pam G

Ski Corvara

January 2017

We cannot thank you enough for the invitation. It was brilliantly organised and from our point of view went off without a single hitch. The resort is terrific and we have never had a better week's skiing in the last 20 years. We will certainly be taking our family back there as it is so accessible with food, accommodation and service that were all first class. The snow coverage. piste management and, to cap it all the sunshine, made it as good as it gets. The Conference Plus ambience is extremely friendly and welcoming. Anyway, all power to you elbow and congratulations on making such a success of Conference Plus over 25+ years.

Firstly, thank you both for such a memorable holiday – I really think one of the best! Great bunch of people, wonderful organisation, superb location and conditions and I really enjoyed skiing with you both.

We had a great week and the lecturerers were the best group we have had for a while so congratulations on gathering them together – I was also impressed with the hotel/food upgrade. Looking forward to next year, and Anne and I are thinking about your other trips.

Colin and I had a great week skiing and the lectures were thought provoking and relevant (as always).

Thanks again to you and Shirley for a fantastic trip. Carlo and I really enjoyed the company and the skiing and he was delighted to be awarded with the prestigious award and the kids are enjoying the chocolates.

The feedback is overwhelming and I really thank you for inviting me. The whole experience was amazing and I loved meeting everyone. Give my regards to Shirley who is truly an amazing co-ordinator. I have never been to an event without even one glitch and with a very relaxed organiser. She should run the NHS!!

Thank you so much for organising a wonderful skiing trip, I really enjoyed it. We were blessed with fine (sometimes a little chilly) weather and fantastic pistes. Please thank Ian for organising some excellent speakers and his photos are really good.

Thank you so much, it was a brilliant trip, we both enjoyed it enormously. Please do put us down for next year. I will block off the week in January as soon as I hear the dates from you.

I wanted to thank both you and Shirley so very much for a wonderful week, your efficient organisation throughout, the excellent company, and for introducing me to another part of the Dolomites which I'm definitely returning to!

You guys score a 5 out of 5 in my books! The ambiance and setting you created was simply elegant. I cannot recall such an efficient holiday. Sorry we didn’t ski together for long but for what we did – it was most enjoyable.

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Attending alone or as a non-delegate?

Thank you for the superb organisation of the trip! I had a wonderful time and have provisionally booked to return. Thank you for looking after us solo travellers. I'd recommend anyone to join you.
Dr Joan Mason, Warwicks

If you are unsure whether to come with your partner all we can do is assure you that there will be plenty for everyone to do:

Thank you so much for welcoming Adrian and I as non-delegates…we thoroughly enjoyed the hotel, the tours, the meals and of course the company. We returned relaxed and refreshed…we look forward to seeing you again for another exciting experience!
Dr A Mattison, Cheshire

Make your appraisal so much easier

The quality of the educational sessions is as good as the very best anywhere. The notes available to delegates after the sessions are concise, relevant and an essential aid to completing the CPD section of appraisal and revalidation. Combining a fantastic holiday with such good education not to be missed.
MC, Scotland

And if you want to finish a conference with your own bespoke extension…

What an amazing experience, so glad we went to Nanakuse, I really enjoyed petting the cheetah. Then enjoyed the Pimms on the lawn at Vic Falls, the walk around the falls was spectacular, as was the evening cruise on Zambezi. We returned to find a bath full of warm bubbles, candles lit and a bottle of bubbly on ice, it really couldn't have been a better end to a fantastic experience, thank you so much.
SG, Merseyside

Retired and wondering if you can join us?

I have been totally retired for 5 weeks & I feel like I can give up medicine, but I doubt that I can give up Conference Plus!
AG, Herts

Individual travel – yes, Conference Plus will organise your private holidays too!


India Dec 2017

Anne, we both wanted to say thank you so much for organising the most perfect trip for us. We absolutely loved it: the perfect mix of sight-seeing, relaxing, Indian culture, Western comforts…and the company wasn't too bad either. The organisation was impeccable with not even a blip to mention so thank you again and thanks to all the reps as well as the guides. I'm not sure when our next big trip will be but, whenever it is, we will be in touch.
A&N, London

Northern India Dec 2017

The holiday was an absolute triumph. Most importantly we felt safe and looked after throughout. We especially loved Rajinder in Varanasi and Manish in Agra. Both exemplary tour guides. Shir-sing was also the most fantastic of drivers. We are so grateful for your help.
EG, London

Colombia Dec 2017

Dear Anne, Thank you for planning such a wonderful trip for us - It really was one of the best holidays that we have experienced! The tour guides were very knowledgeable and efficient. One of the highlights, despite a twisted ankle due to the trek, was meeting an indigenous tribe that live way up in the Tyrona National Park. Truly amazing that they still live like that and only 3 hours from civilization. Thank you.
Tracy and Paul, London

Australia Nov/Dec 2017

Anne I just wanted to thank you for the most amazing trip - everything worked like a charm. Being reunited with Frankie and Daniel was great, however we were blown away by Australia - could move there in a heartbeat. The people are just so friendly and a pleasure to be with - the sarcastic Englishesque humor was lost on Fred but I loved the connection. Everything worked perfectly - hotels all great - really liked the Langham great made the right choic. Loved both Melbourne and Sydney (both guides were excellent) - though Sydney has to take the prize for one of the most perfect locations in that they have kept the integrity of the bay - just loved it. Daintree was really interesting and Lizard Island a true paradise. Thank you.

North & South India February 2017

I just want to say a massive thank you!!!! We are having the most wonderful adventure and holiday. We have just arrived at the Raas Devigarth. It's cool and contemporary but amazing as it's a 400 year old heritage building. It's been very cleverly and tastefully done in a totally modern way. We are looking forward to our stay here then as you know off to Mumbai before heading back. My first email was congratulating you on dealing so patiently and efficiently with my husband. I have learnt over the years to keep out of these things as I know he gets there in the end. Thanks so much for all your hard work.
Sue & Ralph

Burma December 2016

Our guide Win has made our trip very interesting and varied. We are so pleased that you heeded our remit of not wanting to be pagodad/templed out and that we haven’t been forced to see too many local handicraft shops. Your choice of accommodation is exactly what we would have chosen ourselves! I am sure that if we were to travel to unchartered waters again we will definitely contact you. You have made our trip so easy and stress free.
Tracy & Paul, London

Sri Lanka December 2016

Beyond could not have been more helpful and efficient. A particular enjoyment was the visit to the orphanage last Friday. The children were delightful, but O so poor. We have decided to "adopt" them and have started the process with a trampoline which is being delivered on Thursday. Thank you so much for organising such a splendid birthday holiday - totally unique.
Best wishes - R&P, Gloucestershire

Croatia July 2016

We are having a great time in Croatia. Your arrangements have worked like clockwork, as always. Hotels have been brilliant, weather good so far and we have done plenty of sightseeing. Thanks again for everything. Much love,
W&N, Herts

India November 2015

I had a wonderful time and your arrangements were superb. My lovely driver from Delhi to Agra asked if I wanted to see a cow hospital, so we pulled in and I was given this tour of a set up funded by the local Maharaja's daughter aged 17. They believe that cows are the incarnation of Lord Krishna but nevertheless this does sometimes fail to protect them on the Great Trunk Road so they get knocked down and brought in by the cow ambulance. One poor bullock was lying on the operating table (corner of the first paddock) having the r foreleg amputated and I was allowed to! The Swami (!!!!!!) blessed us all afterwards once I had been taken round every single ward (barn) and store cupboard which I admit was pitifully bare. It was a real experience in how other people think. I just hope the cows are Hindu too but very likely they are as they didnt look all that unhappy -even the ones in the Intensive Care Barn or the Cancer ward barn. Seems that plastic is a BIG culprit so Im going to support its diminishing use in future.

As for myself, thanks to you I’ve had the holiday of a lifetime. Committed as I was to the wedding in Udaipur and then Delhi, I would NEVER have had the chance to see and experience so much more if it wasnt for your skilful help planning tours around the main events. I cant thank you enough. You are the very best travel advisors EVER.

Lots and lots of love and admiration at your super effectiveness.
Dr VM, London

The ones we love to get mid-holiday…

China, Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand June 2015

Just checking in to let you know that we are having an incredible trip. Beijing was amazing - to me it epitomizes everything that China is - even the buildings are big and bold with fascinating architecture. Loved the Wall and the Forbidden city is a sight to be seen.

In Hanoi now and want to move into the Metropole hotel permanently. Beautiful city, kind people and delicious food. The only trouble we have had is trying to cross the road here due to swarms of Vespas - it's an experience!!

Guides have been great - Thanks for everything will report in in a few days.
Dr & Mrs K

We even do Honeymoons!

Colombia and Galapagos June 2017

We had the PERFECT honeymoon!!! The agencies were all fantastic, guides were excellent and hotels/locations were beyond stunning. Thank you so so so much for everything you did to organize it. You really did help us to have the most spectacular trip and we can't thank you enough.
Rob & Phili

Vietnam & Burma January 2017

Thank you so much for planning such an incredible honeymoon for us. We really had the most amazing time and all your recommendations and tips were so valuable. Everything was planned so well for us making it an extremely relaxing trip despite all the moving around we did! We never would have gone to Burma without your suggestions and oh, it was beautiful. We loved all the activities we did and will have the most amazing memories to treasure especially hot air ballooning and the elephants.
Zoe & Oliver, London

And why it is all worthwhile...

You changed my life...all the countries you took me to...I will always remember you and Mike...bless you. Xxx
J.GR Ireland

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